Welcome to GenNext Chartered Professional Accountants

GenNext is not your typical accounting firm. We specialize in all areas of tax, accounting, assurance, succession planning, risk management and business consulting. We provide business advice for a wide range of industries; our aim is to help you become tax efficient and transition your business into the new economy.

For your personal financial matters, taxes are just the beginning. Our goal is to maximize the value of your current resources to provide quality of life now and in retirement while securing your future generations.

Our highly qualified professionals are prepared to guide you through your tax and accounting needs. A ‘whole’ financial wellness approach means we collaborate with relevant experts to provide you one stop total care for your legal, real estate, mortgages, investments and other financial products.

We are large enough to offer a wide array of services yet still small enough to maintain one-on-one relationships with our clients. We believe in building long-term relationships; at GenNext, our services are customized to best suit your needs and circumstances.

A team of professionals keeping you perfectly balanced and progressive.

A Team of Dedicated Accounting and Finance Professionals
Keeping You Perfectly Balanced and Progressive

Our Value Proposition

Not enjoying the battle of collecting statements, invoices and receipts every month? No problem!

We have designed a method to simplify the process and get your bookkeeping and accounting under control. Our professionals manage all aspects of the accounts under their care. We will help you organize, reconcile and classify all transactions on a monthly basis. We also take care of your chart of accounts, payroll, financial statements and filing of returns and remittances.

Our team of professionals will focus its energy on managing your business’ accounting and finances while our Senior Partners support you in focusing on your business strategy and operations.

We are always here to provide advice and support for a monthly flat rate.

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